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Are you a Social Media Influencer (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc) or have a blog or operate a website?

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If your answer is YES! keep reading…

We offer you a great opportunity to monetize your content with quality links.

The process is simple:

  1. Choose ANY offer page from our website ( that you want to promote (ex. ANY OFFER!
  2. Fill up the form below with the link(s) to your social media accounts where you will promote the page along with the rest of your information
  3. Once we review your application, you will receive within 24 hours an email with the shortened url of the link you chose (This is the link you will use in your post) along with the corresponding link to track its performance.
  4. You promote this link/offer on a post on any social media you wish
  5. You make 1 cent for every click on this Link!

That’s it. So easy!

Why do it? Well… the question is… Why not?

We offer:

  1. The easiest process possible. Everyone gets paid…except scammers 😉
  2. Over 2000 100% active and quality coupons and offers from over 200 companies to choose from at ANY given time updated regularly.

How much money will I make?

This depends on you and your followers engagement. Lets take an example. Say you have 10000 followers with an engagement rate of 10%. This means that 10% of your followers will click the link which means that you will make $10 (10000 followers * 10% engagement rate * $0.01). For EVERY post.

Tip: Try NOT to overpost as the result will be the opposite. You will fatigue your followers and start losing them. One post per day would be enough.

Terms and conditions:

  1. No followers or engagement rate limitations. Anyone can promote us since the payout is based on a per Click basis
  2. You will be provided with a link where you can track the links progress. The link will be from a legitimate shortened url service (ex.bitly) so that neither you nor we can tamper with the results.*
  3. Valid Clicks are defined as:
    1. The “Unique Clicks” from “Unique Users”. Multiple clicks from the same users will be counted as 1.
    2. Clicks for offers and deals that are “Active”. Once the offer has Ended, NO clicks will be counted (ie. If you post an offer that expires in 2 days, clicks from these 2 days will only be counted as valid)
  4. You will be paid once per month or once every 2500 valid clicks ($25).
  5. Our rate is FLAT 1 cent per click to start our partnership. We want long term partners so we will review the results of our first run and accordingly we will offer you bigger rates per click.
  6. Payments will be made ONLY to a Paypal Account (make sure you provided us with the email address that your Paypal Account is under).
  7. In case of misuse of the process for over monetization, we keep the right to either limit your earnings as we think appropriate or even terminating our partnership at anytime we think that there has been a violation of a legitimate partnership. In such case, no fees will be paid whatsoever. We seek for partners. Not scammers!
  8. It’s also in our sole discretion to PAUSE our relationship to review the quality that your post(s) provide. By PAUSE we mean that temporarily you will not be able to promote further offers/deals.

*Here is how it looks like:

For any questions or business propositions, you may contact us at [email protected]

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