* The Core: iCoils are independent coils that support every part of your
body with the perfect amount of supple, responsive flex. Independent
operation means less transfer between sleep partners for better sleep. *
The Comfort Top: High Density Memory Foam, a recyclable material, conforms
to your body shape and temperature. The memory foam layer instantly
receives your body with a custom-fit. * All-Natural Ingredient: EverGreen™,
made from all-natural green tea, is embedded into the memory foam for
long-lasting natural odor control. * The Cover: Unbleached, 100% Cotton
cover with channel quilting that is stuffed with wool and micro fibers to
keep the cover breathable and more comfortable. * The Feel: The firm memory
foam top layer is supportive and comfortable. Great support for your back.
* Other Key Facts: Durability tested exceed industry standards. Complies
with the Federal fire safety standard of 16CFR1633. (Free of PBDEs)